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第八十九期 我问你答

2017-07-10 02:34:57


1. 扶老人风险基金

  • 答案:risk fund for those who help the elderly

2. AR录取通知书

  • 答案:AR admission notice

3. 商业养老保险

  • 答案:commercial pension insurance

4. 人造太阳

  • 答案:artificial sun

5. 圣安德烈勋章

  • 答案:the Order of St. Andrew the Apostle


1. credibility/trust crisis

  • 答案:信任危机

2. registration for freshmen

  • 答案:新生报到

3. social security system

  • 答案:社会保障体系

4. cooling system

  • 答案:冷却系统

5. the Presidential Medal of Freedom

  • 答案:总统自由勋章

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